Updated July 8, 2017

All my snakes are guaranteed to be 100% healthy, eating well and properly sexed.  You can be assured that you will be getting the finest quality animals from me and I will provide long lasting customer service long after the time of sale to all my clients.

2016 Hatchlings

These are available now,please contact me for individual pictures if not shown.

Banana 100% het clown male- SOLD PENDING PAYMENT- *Your chance to produce Banana clowns,one of the hottest clown combos around right now!*


– Purple passion bumblebee male $750 *This guy is stunning and super rare*


-Phantom spider females x 2  $200 each

-Phantom female $150

-Het lavender albino male $125 


-Pastel leopard 50% possible het pied female $300


-Super pastel male $150    *Very bright*

*NEW* Boa’s coming to Pacific Pythons! I’m currently breeding my female Snow boa with a triple het Moonglow male, hoping to have Snow’s, Moonglows, Sunglows, Albino’s, Anery and Hypo boa’s available around May-June if everything works out, so far so good. Please contact me if your interested in any of these boa’s.

*Update* Feb 13/17  My Desert Ghost clutch has hatched!  let me know if your interested in a Desert Ghost (male $550/female $750) or Hets (male $250/female $350). This is the single gene recessive, not to be confused with the co-dom Desert gene or the recessive Ghost gene!

Let me know what your looking for I may have it, or can get it for you. Don’t hesitate to give me a call or e-mail.

 Multi animal Breeding Specials. – Save money by buying multiple animals! I will offer a discounted price if you buy multiple animals.

Package 1- Wanna make Super Black heads? These are stunning animals, not to mention they are super rare. 2015 male Blackhead x 2015 female Blackhead for only $950

More package deals to come soon……..

2015 Ball pythons

The Black head gene is an awesome co-dom,dark colour mutation with a stunning super form. Blackheads are also pretty rare in Canadian collections and there hasen’t been much done yet in terms of multi gene combo’s. These are Ralph Davis line black heads,top quality bloodlines. I’m happy to be working on this project with Exotic Serpents.

Blackhead male 2 $1000

Blackhead male       $550


 Proven Breeder Male Adults

Don’t feel like waiting up to 1 year or longer for a male to get up to breeding size? These guys are ready to breed today! They have produced great clutches for me. 



2012 fire/yellowbelly male       $300

Proven Breeder Adult Females

It can take 3 years or more to raise a female from hatchling to breeding size, these females are ready to breed now and have produced awesome offspring for me,you are buying yourself time here!


-2012 Vanilla female $350, you can make some awesome babies with this girl, she layed 8 eggs for me this year and is feeding strong again on f/t med rats.

Terms of sale

-A 25% deposit is required to hold a snake, once deposit is recieved the snake will be held however long you need (within reason)  until 100% paid then can be picked up.  This deposit is NON REFUNDABLE in cash but could be used as credit for another animal.

-Contact me for payment options.

-Unfortunately I cannot ship to the United States at this time.

-Delivery available for small fee within lower mainland BC.

Shipping available Canada wide at buyers expense.


Contact info

Richard Broadhead