Me at the 2013 BCRC show in Abbotsford.

Me at the 2013 BCRC show in Abbotsford.


As long as I can remember I have loved animals. I grew up in rural Grand Forks BC,  surrounded by pristine nature. Every bit of free time I had I would be outside catching alligator lizards,salamanders, frogs, toads, garter snakes and bull snakes. I learned everything I could about these BC native reptiles and amphibians.

When I was about 8 years old a family friend asked me if I could take their iguana that they could no longer take care of, of course I said yes. After that my interests evolved towards lizards. I learned about all Canadian native species and  bought every lizard and snake book available, I just couldn’t get enough information. I went on to keep Tokay gecko’s, Anoles, Leopard gecko’s, Iguanas,Bearded dragons and King snakes.

 I moved to the lower mainland of BC in 2002 and I currently live in Richmond BC and work for the City of  Vancouver engineering department. The Vancouver area is a beautiful place to live. Back in 2009 I started to learn about ball pythons and quickly realized that these snakes are awesome for so many different reasons. After I bought my first pastel female ball python the rest was history.  Keeping a single ball python as a pet for a while there was nothing I wanted more then to take it to the next level, invest in some high quality animals and take the necessary steps to begin the breeding process. Keeping and breeding these snakes is a strong passion of mine and I have devoted a lot of time and energy into acquiring the essential ingredients and knowledge to own and operate a successful Ball python breeding business. I am always searching for the finest ball pythons to add to my collection.  My collection is given the highest possible level of care and I pride myself on proper husbandry.  I will strive to make a reputable name for myself through a high level of customer service, top quality snakes and overall  knowledge.  I am a proud Canadian ball python breeder.  I would like to thank David and Norma Chan of for guidance along the way and supplying me with top notch animals.

In the coming years i will be producing more clutches each year with different exciting morphs, so stay tuned for future breeding plans and available ball python offspring.  I have some really awesome projects planned!! Feel free to ask me any questions about my breeding plans or ball pythons in general. My website will be evolving all the time so check back for updates often. Thanks for visiting.


      Richard Broadhead